Other Services

Administration of oaths

As a practising solicitor, Malcolm is a “Commissioner for Oaths” and authorised to witness the signing of affidavits and statutory declarations. There are standard fees for this – £5 per oath and £2 per exhibit, which have not changed for over 30 years!

If you need this service, please contact the office on 01580 767100 to arrange an appointment “to swear an oath”. The appointment should not take longer than 10 minutes. It would be helpful if you could bring the appropriate fee with you in cash or let us have a cheque (payable to “Nelson McLean Limited”) for the right amount.

Certification of documents

As part of our legal work, we routinely certify copies of documents to be true copies, and this means those copies are trusted to be accurate by third parties.  The important point to bear in mind is that we do this as part of our legal work: we do not offer a stand-alone certification service and, in particular, we do not certify identification documents (passports, etc) for non-clients – though we are very happy to do so for existing clients who have already satisfied our identification procedures as clients.