Protective property trusts

A protective property trust may be right for you if you want to ensure that, while protecting your partner’s right to live in the property, you also want to protect your share in a jointly-owned property so that it benefits your children in due course.

The “standard” Wills for a married couple typically leave all their assets to the surviving spouse when the first dies and, on the second death, equally between any children. This is often completely appropriate but, as always, everything depends on the particular circumstances of the particular couple.

As an example, where a couple each have children of their own by a previous relationship, they are torn between wanting to protect their spouse’s way of life and ensuring that a suitable share of their assets – often a property – benefits their children and is not lost to the other spouse’s family (or to long term care costs).

This balancing act can be achieved by means of a properly drafted protective property trust contained in a Will, and we will be happy to help with this.

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